Can you love this body?

She’s tall, long-limbed with striking blue eyes and luxurious brown hair, yet she’s caught in the trap most women find themselves in: not accepting and embracing their beauty, wondering in the face of our own media-saturated anorexic-inspired worship of false beauty ideals if she’s attractive, feeling discouraged at the prospect of dealing with the mating-game loaded with crazy expectations. 

Her question, how do you come to accept yourself–even love who you are–in this body?

I’m on the other side: a few years older and mainly avoiding the self-loathing of my very imperfect body.  How did I arrive in this place?  What are key comments of achieving self-love and acceptance while in our imperfect states of being?

I was stumped for an answer.  But the answer is very important.

Finally, I thought of a few items that have helped me along the way:

1) OPT OUT–choose to not saturate yourself with the media’s obsession with airbrushed beauty; don’t read the beauty magazines, don’t watch TV shows that prey on the false dream of perfection = happiness (Have you seen some of the “work” done on some of those Housewives?!).  Avoid conversations with body obsessed individuals.  You CAN walk away.

2) TELL YOURSELF THE TRUTH— focus on your positive features and on the healthy body that can move, dance, play and love.  What you focus on will absorb your attention so that there isn’t time for self-loathing.  Obviously, the opposite is true:  if you constantly compare yourself to others and talk about how much you hate your body, that is what will fill you up.

3) GO TO THE SOURCE–Let the creator of your body in on the conversation. It’s all about perspective.  You were made as a magnificent creation.  Your body is a holy temple.  Allow your creator’s LOVE to fill your perspective of your body.   What is God telling you about your body?  Do you think God’s perspective is the same as yours?

It all comes down to being intentional about who you are and what you focus on.  Protect your precious self from those that would ridicule or tear you down.  You are beautiful in your own way.  Really.

Those are a few tips that helped me move out of the loathing zone into the love and appreciation zone. Now, my focus is on incorporating mindfulness and body/brain integration techniques to seed lasting change deep down into every level of my being. It is a process. I’m on the path. Where are you? (We are working on these issues at Come join us!)

I would love to hear about what works for you in keeping your sanity among all the body beautiful craziness all around us.  Post your comments or drop me a FB note.

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    This is the reality knocking on our heads. And waking up to it will bring happiness – every day



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