Manage your Energy, not your Time

Christmas Sparklers!







Happy New Year to All!

I am on the second part of a lovely vacation in Mexico with family. It has been a lot of tiring fun–parties and festivities. It is so great to see some extended family members we haven’t seen in years and then others we see every trip. Of course, the food is always amazing!Posada Meal

And abundant!

There never seems to be enough time to do everything we want to do. Part of that feeling is reality and the other part is related not to time, but energy.  We came to this first posada after being awake for 1 1/2 days (due to a red-eye flight) and I was pretty sick to boot. But I had plenty of energy even though, to get through this big night of festivities.

Some interesting thoughts on managing your energy v. time, below. Good stats and basic but helpful suggestions to get more energy in your life.

To you health! Enjoy…


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