Books and Emotional Muscles…

nitestand books

Here is a picture of the current books I am reading that are piled on my night stand and the floor. A few are actually still on the floor! You can see that most relate to my book club themes…

Do you have more or less?

It’s so fun to read amazing books, but I find I miss talking about them with others, so I started a book club that related to my interests in courage, confidence, connection, women’s studies, food, body acceptance and being healthy. I figured if I am already reading this stuff, you might as well join me in the fun! (Don’t forget about audio books for those of you with long commutes).

As a visionary creative type, moving from idea to action has been challenging at times and the bane of my existence at others! Working with my coaches and other groups really is key for me to implement my dreams. I am not a “lone implementer” by any stretch of the phrase. Not everyone is this way, but a lot of people are. How about you? Do you do well with deadlines, gentle pushes and others cheering you on in your endeavors?

(Take the POLL below!)

Honestly, as a social people person all this working at home can become a real drag and to liven things up, I’ll distract myself from typing up blogs or finishing projects. It’s hard to keep my nose to the grindstone unless I’m in school or something. I’d rather go play.

The thing is that to get our gifts out to others we have to put a little muscle into it, otherwise they just lay dormant in our lives going to waste. (TWEET THIS)  

We can’t just leave the books on the nightstand, we actually have to open them and read. So I do things that build up my emotional and production muscle— Just like my yoga practice builds my physical muscles.

Just as I am a “go to yoga class” kinda gal (v. do an hour at home all alone…), I like building up all sorts of muscles with other people. For example, two amazing women joined me in a mastermind to implement what we are reading and practicing in our lives. We all are at similar stages in our processes of spiritual, emotional and “mindful eating” growth. It has been a tremendous blessing to be a recipient of their wisdom, honesty and encouragement.

The value of a mastermind group lies in the commitment of the people involved, the guidance of the facilitator and the quality of the group members. (That’s why I screen my BraveGirl Coaching mastermind participants!). And really, not everyone is ready for the intimacy and bared soul work that comes with such a group.

There are other great options though. Like a private FB group.

Which you are invited to! Wanna give it a whirl?

If you are into the books we read in book club then this group is for you! You can read more about it here.

So, back to my original question:  Seriously, how many books are piled on your nightstand?! Post a picture on the blog! I want to see the proof!!! I’m looking forward to seeing your fotos on the blog!

To your insight and action!


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