Avoiding Candy Orgies and Food Hangovers

copyright 2013 Gloria Quinn

copyright 2013 Gloria Quinn

Have you started thinking about the holidays yet? And the food…?


Lovely fall is here! Where I live in Northern California, we get a little bit of the changing of seasons with the temperatures dropping and possible torrential rains plastering us. But many days it is beautiful and sunny among the evergreens.

Mendo fog

Our 8 year old daughter, started a new school this year and is adjusting well to the larger setting and new routines. She loves having more opportunities for enrichment and more kids to play with.

With the school year well underway, I’m reminded how soon the “holydays” will be here with their full array of glitz, stress and temptation. Have you noticed how early the commercial zones start decorating now? Drives me bonkers to see Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations in Aug/Sept. Ugh.  But, that isn’t my point!

Starting with the candy orgy of Halloween, on to the over-stuffed Thanksgiving celebration and Christmas parties galore, it’s quite common for people to gain weight and feel guilty about it. (Oh, I forgot the New Year’s bashes!) pumpkin field

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Whether you gain holiday weight or not doesn’t matter to me.


What does matter to me are the emotions you’ll feel if you over-do (anything) during the celebrations. During the holiday stretch do you ever feel,

  • Guilt?
  • Shame?celebrate-2
  • Remorse?
  • Reget?

How ya feelin’ now?!

Well, cheer up because it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead you can…

  • Enjoy!
  • Indulge!
  • Be mindful &
  • Intentional!
  • Peaceful & Joyful!

…all at the same time without any of that yucky Guilt & Co.

Yes, you can socialize at the parties & gatherings, eat tasty treats and not have a forty- lash FOOD HANGOVER the next day.

What it takes is some prep work (not in the kitchen!), some practice and some support.

We’ve got all that over in our new FB community group—The Brain/Body Experiment. Come play, join a 21 day challenge & bring a friend! It’s calorie free (not that we are counting, really). Oh yeah, it’s $ free, too.

To your food enjoyment!



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