Don’t All Fat People Want to Be Thin?

Sharing this amazing woman’s journey. It’s important to understand different perspectives and realize that what we are fed everyday by the media is not reality. Many people are ok with their bodies and the only problem is other people’s problems with that radical idea!

Dances With Fat

Splits on WallstreetLast year when I was training for the marathonI would often see a woman in my neighborhood walking her adorable dog.  I would pet the dog and we would chat, it was always lovely. For the first time since the marathon I saw her again last night on my run/walk and we had this conversation:

Her:  How did your marathon go?

Me:  I finished it!  It took me almost 13 hours! (I almost always round up my age, weight, and marathon time.)

Her:  How much weight did you lose?
Me (in my head):  WTF?
Me (outloud):  None.
Her:  Oh, I’m sorry.
Me:  Why?
Her:  Well, you did all that walking…
Me:  Yes, to finish the marathon.  I have no interest in losing weight, I wanted to finish a marathon and I did.
Her:  [looks really confused]  Well, congratulations on your marathon…
Me:  Thanks!

The idea that all fat people…

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the HAES® files: From Shame to Love — My Journey to Size Acceptance

Self-acceptance and compassion are the better choice over shame and denegration!

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Lisa Ann Citarella


I saw the look in your eyes,

When I couldn’t squeeze my thighs

into those size 14 jeans.

I’ll never be a size 4,

you’ll always be wanting.


Can’t you see,

how much it hurts

to know I’m under a curse?

Doomed to fail in your eyes

no matter how hard I try.


With every rejection,

I build up more protection.

The truth is I’m bawling,

calling and calling—

somehow you cannot hear.


So I guess I’ll stay stuck,

among this rubble and muck,

until I have ceased to breathe.


I wrote this poem when I was 15, after a particularly devastating shopping trip with my mother.  Reading it now, my heart breaks for my younger self—for the one who had to live with comments like, “you can’t be hungry now, you just ate” and questions such as, “are you sure…

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Summer Camp for Grown-Up Girls

BLSC promo_edited-1I LOVED summer camp as a kid.

Every year our youth group from church (plus all the friends we invited) went to Forest Home in Southern California. We played, competed as teams, bonded, flirted with boys, learned stuff and appreciated God in nature. It was awesome. I can still smell the SoCal mountain pines.

One of my favorite memories is sloshing down the massive metal slide into the cold lake. I was always a bit nervous and excited because it was up so high. But my screams made it even better! Ahhhh…

Taking challenges and trying new things was a must at camp. I came across as a very confident kid–and I was in the general sense–but I also was a big scaredy cat inside. My nerves were always on high alert when it was time for competitions and physical risks. At the same time, I loved the absolute thrill of doing it anyway!

That is one of the many positive elements of a good summer camp: you are stretched and challenged to try new things and reach new levels of risk tolerance. Trying new things that make us uncomfortable sometimes gets harder as we age. As adults, we have been hurt and now know that we can actually get hurt–physically and emotionally.

The thing is if we don’t take the risk we don’t ever grow. And in creatures that were made for constant change and grow that ends up meaning stagnation.


Challenging ourselves to new heights is best done in a SAFE & CONTAINED environment, like summer camp when we were kids. We were surrounded by friends and people watching out for us, making sure we didn’t do anything TOO stupid. We sometimes were allowed to dip our toes in first and at others we were thrown in with all our clothes on–metaphorically and physically.

My goal in gathering women together to play, grow, connect and learn more about loving themselves is to provide that SAFE CONTAINER for dipping our toes or even jumping in feet first!

What was your most exciting summer time risk? What do you think you are ready for now? 

Let me know in your comments below!

To Love & Adventure,


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