Don’t All Fat People Want to Be Thin?

Sharing this amazing woman’s journey. It’s important to understand different perspectives and realize that what we are fed everyday by the media is not reality. Many people are ok with their bodies and the only problem is other people’s problems with that radical idea!

Dances With Fat

Splits on WallstreetLast year when I was training for the marathonI would often see a woman in my neighborhood walking her adorable dog.  I would pet the dog and we would chat, it was always lovely. For the first time since the marathon I saw her again last night on my run/walk and we had this conversation:

Her:  How did your marathon go?

Me:  I finished it!  It took me almost 13 hours! (I almost always round up my age, weight, and marathon time.)

Her:  How much weight did you lose?
Me (in my head):  WTF?
Me (outloud):  None.
Her:  Oh, I’m sorry.
Me:  Why?
Her:  Well, you did all that walking…
Me:  Yes, to finish the marathon.  I have no interest in losing weight, I wanted to finish a marathon and I did.
Her:  [looks really confused]  Well, congratulations on your marathon…
Me:  Thanks!

The idea that all fat people…

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