Plus sized endurance athletes, we exist!

Fantastic! Although, I would never run a whole marathon or compete in an Ironman, I support those crazy enough to do so no matter what their size!!


Here’s Leah Gilbert,

So why is it that I am in a rather unique position when I present myself as a Plus Size Endurance Athlete? Why aren’t we all out there seeking sponsorship or promoting our roles as athletes? It’s easy – most of us don’t even acknowledge ourselves as athletes because we know that physically we don’t fit the mould of what society believes an ‘athlete’ looks like. We have a tendency to what I call ‘cheapen’ or ‘discount’ our athletic or fitness pursuits because people can’t seem to marry the fitness with the body shape. So instead of saying “I just finished a tempo run where I worked at 1km race pace intervals for 11km with a 2km warm up and 2km cool down”, we may mention quickly that we had ‘just been for a run’, usually adding “but I’m not very fast” or “oh I just…

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#BodyLoveBombs Away!

People drop f-bombs, nuclear bombs, car bombs & life-shattering info bombs all the time.

If you think about it, all the fantasy photo-shopped images of scantily clad super-models & celebs are visual bombs assaulting us daily. They can damage our self-esteem, confidence & self-perception. These computer constructed “photos” are like bombs on our psyche shattering reality, truth and real love.

Hyperbolic? Perhaps.

Doesn’t impact you at all? Doubt it

(or if it doesn’t now, it did at one point in your life)

So. Let’s change that! Let’s bomb ourselves with the beauty of reality.  Let’s fill our minds with love, truth and hope. Let’s slather ourselves in goodness to shield us from all the lies.

Let’s drop #BodyLoveBombs liberally, frequently and whole-heartedly! —Tweet This

Share yours with our secret group The Body Love Experiment™ on FB/BraveGirlBrainBody (ask to join if you haven’t yet), and I will post them on Instagram & Twitter for you with you credited, of course!

Free Give-Away in the Month of Love and Friendship

give away essential oilsBecause I love surprises! I know some people hate being surprised, but not my peeps. We love to give and RECEIVE. We receive goodness, Love, encouragement and fun gifts with wide open arms. We are delighted because we expect ABUNDANT BLESSINGS, LOVE AND CARE in our lives. (And if you feel you are NOT there yet, stick with me and you will be!)

Now about the give-away…

During the Brave Body Love Global Summit for Women sponsors will have the opportunity to share a gift with a lucky gal who is on a live call. Gifts must be mailable in snail mail and support women in their self-love.

No gifts relating to changing one’s size, weight, wrinkles etc. Absolutely, NO DIET related products will be accepted! This is a diet free zone.

You can be a speaker, participant or simply a sponsor to include your product as a give-away.

If you would like to have your product/biz highlighted and included in the give-away please contact Michelle Hess via a PM on my page FB/BraveGirlCoaching to see if you qualify.

Let the fun begin!


Body Love: Are You IN or OUT?

BraveBodyLove01It’s normal to be in and out of love with your body, considering the world that we live in. It makes sense to feel discomfort living in this culture that thrives on feeding your body dissatisfaction–otherwise how could the diet industry be a multi-BILLION dollar one?

Of course, it is easier to thrive in this society when you fit the stereotypical beauty standards of the day.  Instead, most of us are challenged to acknowledge and accept our bodies for the miracles that they are, knowing that “your body is a wonderland” in the truest sense.

Once that can happen…Love Follows.

Easier said than done, you say? True.

 Body Image is a factor within your whole self-esteem, how you view yourself. This is about who you are BEING. It’s not really about the size or lumpiness quotient of your thighs! If you are struggling in your career and making money easily, this could very well be tied to how you see yourself; what it feels like for you to be you. Who you are being impacts EVERY area of your life.

Your self-image impacts how much you put yourself out there, how confident you are in your profession, the types of opportunities and challenges you say, “Yes” too; how much money you make, how much support you allow in your life–basically how you let yourself RECEIVE.

Your body image is part of your overall self-esteem. One is not without the other. Your body is the vehicle that projects your image of yourself out into the world.

Changing your body acceptance is about transforming consciousness in a radical way. It’s about discovering your sabotaging beliefs and aligning yourself with your deepest desires.

Here’s the secret:

Psst…It isn’t really about your body (even though it is all about your body!)

At the core of all that is your desire to be loved.

The power of love is the only thing that can truly pull you out of that pit of self-loathing that conveniently shows up every time you wish it wouldn’t. (Kinda like that ex that pulls you down by showing up when you are vulnerable and lonely…)

Brave Body Love is a chance for you to discover new ways to be. Our team of experts and teachers are here to expand your mind, shift your perspective, offer different possibilities and even some facts you might not have know about body acceptance, nutrition or fitness. But mainly it is about you finding you again. Finding the freedom you’ve been missing in your life due to preoccupation with your perceived faults.

Take some time to re-discover your awesomeness and dream again.

 For more info go to BraveBodyLove.comStart

P.S.  This is a FREE online conference with 32 amazing speakers. All we are missing is you!




He wrote it down.

Trigger Warning: sexual assault mentioned, not described

In Others' Words...

Our intention was to dance on his grave.


My beautiful cousin, who I’d not seen in 35 years, and I set out to dance on our grandfather’s grave. Our first dilemma was, of course, song choice. You have to have the right song. We bandied a few song titles about, Alanis Morrisette was a front runner.


We drove to the town where he lived, and where he is buried. We drove to the town where we were abused. Driving down the picturesque New England roads, I felt a little faint. Mary felt a little barfy. We pulled into a store parking lot, and Mary spent some quality time behind a dumpster, hurling. It happens.

We weren’t entirely sure where the cemetery was, so we pulled into a police station to ask for directions. I said, jokingly, We should go in and file a police report. Mary said, What would…

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The Benefits of Badass Eating

Susan Berry will be speaking on the Brave Body Love global summit this Feb 14-28th. Super excited to have her!

Evolved Eating

GE DIGITAL CAMERA When I was young, and foolish, dieting and starving, bingeing and obsessing– I thought I was very clever. I thought I could do whatever I liked with my eating– and that the only consequence my choices would have was that hopefully—I’d be thinner. Sure, my body succumbed to all my devious plans– But it could not be fooled. Every time I starved, my body shut down. Being Brilliant–it realized it couldn’t count on me for a steady flow of calories (nourishment/energy) So it turned down the furnace– Turned down my Metabolism, my thyroid, my hormones, my digestion… and lots more. While I was upset when I binged, My body was probably delighted– Well thank God, she’s feeding us, At last! But then, I would shut down the supply again. Dieted again. Starved. I did this over and over and over—- The truth is…. Our bodies are built for survival, And…

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A Short Travel Tale

A Short Travel Tale:




We just passed through security at the Mexico City Airport. About 10 minutes earlier, I explained to my 9 year old about the sign prohibiting explosives, fuel and other incendiary items. The word “terrorist” might have some up.

Now, standing just beyond security in front of the Duty Freeinterdit-valise-cabine shops my daughter stands, frozen.

“Mom, I’m scared. I’m really scared!”

“It’s okay, honey. Nothing to be afraid of,” I say as I touch her shoulder and look back for my hubby struggling with the computer backpack.

Still. She is standing there.

“Mom, I’m scared.”


“Mom, I’m scared! There is a WORLD OF PHOTOSHOP EVERYWHERE!”

Laughing, I hug her relieved. She is right, there are fantasy shots of scantily clad photo shopped ads all over the place. Sigh.

Before we left for our vacation, I had shown my daughter some videos and taught her about the photo shop process with how it distorts reality, making objects out of women. We watched one video where a regular girl’s face was turned into a Frozen character.

That really freaked my daughter out! Here’s the video if you are interested…

I’m proud of my daughter for her curiosity, sense of dramatic humor and developing awareness as a tween girl. She knows her mom helps women and girls to love their real bodies and that they come in all shapes and sizes.

How are you helping the young girls in your life to love themselves just the perfect way they are? Please share your ideas in the comments below!


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