A Short Travel Tale

A Short Travel Tale:




We just passed through security at the Mexico City Airport. About 10 minutes earlier, I explained to my 9 year old about the sign prohibiting explosives, fuel and other incendiary items. The word “terrorist” might have some up.

Now, standing just beyond security in front of the Duty Freeinterdit-valise-cabine shops my daughter stands, frozen.

“Mom, I’m scared. I’m really scared!”

“It’s okay, honey. Nothing to be afraid of,” I say as I touch her shoulder and look back for my hubby struggling with the computer backpack.

Still. She is standing there.

“Mom, I’m scared.”


“Mom, I’m scared! There is a WORLD OF PHOTOSHOP EVERYWHERE!”

Laughing, I hug her relieved. She is right, there are fantasy shots of scantily clad photo shopped ads all over the place. Sigh.

Before we left for our vacation, I had shown my daughter some videos and taught her about the photo shop process with how it distorts reality, making objects out of women. We watched one video where a regular girl’s face was turned into a Frozen character.

That really freaked my daughter out! Here’s the video if you are interested…

I’m proud of my daughter for her curiosity, sense of dramatic humor and developing awareness as a tween girl. She knows her mom helps women and girls to love their real bodies and that they come in all shapes and sizes.

How are you helping the young girls in your life to love themselves just the perfect way they are? Please share your ideas in the comments below!


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