The Benefits of Badass Eating

Susan Berry will be speaking on the Brave Body Love global summit this Feb 14-28th. Super excited to have her!

Evolved Eating

GE DIGITAL CAMERA When I was young, and foolish, dieting and starving, bingeing and obsessing– I thought I was very clever. I thought I could do whatever I liked with my eating– and that the only consequence my choices would have was that hopefully—I’d be thinner. Sure, my body succumbed to all my devious plans– But it could not be fooled. Every time I starved, my body shut down. Being Brilliant–it realized it couldn’t count on me for a steady flow of calories (nourishment/energy) So it turned down the furnace– Turned down my Metabolism, my thyroid, my hormones, my digestion… and lots more. While I was upset when I binged, My body was probably delighted– Well thank God, she’s feeding us, At last! But then, I would shut down the supply again. Dieted again. Starved. I did this over and over and over—- The truth is…. Our bodies are built for survival, And…

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