Free Give-Away in the Month of Love and Friendship

give away essential oilsBecause I love surprises! I know some people hate being surprised, but not my peeps. We love to give and RECEIVE. We receive goodness, Love, encouragement and fun gifts with wide open arms. We are delighted because we expect ABUNDANT BLESSINGS, LOVE AND CARE in our lives. (And if you feel you are NOT there yet, stick with me and you will be!)

Now about the give-away…

During the Brave Body Love Global Summit for Women sponsors will have the opportunity to share a gift with a lucky gal who is on a live call. Gifts must be mailable in snail mail and support women in their self-love.

No gifts relating to changing one’s size, weight, wrinkles etc. Absolutely, NO DIET related products will be accepted! This is a diet free zone.

You can be a speaker, participant or simply a sponsor to include your product as a give-away.

If you would like to have your product/biz highlighted and included in the give-away please contact Michelle Hess via a PM on my page FB/BraveGirlCoaching to see if you qualify.

Let the fun begin!


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