#BodyLoveBombs Away!

People drop f-bombs, nuclear bombs, car bombs & life-shattering info bombs all the time.

If you think about it, all the fantasy photo-shopped images of scantily clad super-models & celebs are visual bombs assaulting us daily. They can damage our self-esteem, confidence & self-perception. These computer constructed “photos” are like bombs on our psyche shattering reality, truth and real love.

Hyperbolic? Perhaps.

Doesn’t impact you at all? Doubt it

(or if it doesn’t now, it did at one point in your life)

So. Let’s change that! Let’s bomb ourselves with the beauty of reality.  Let’s fill our minds with love, truth and hope. Let’s slather ourselves in goodness to shield us from all the lies.

Let’s drop #BodyLoveBombs liberally, frequently and whole-heartedly! —Tweet This

Share yours with our secret group The Body Love Experiment™ on FB/BraveGirlBrainBody (ask to join if you haven’t yet), and I will post them on Instagram & Twitter for you with you credited, of course!

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