BBL Speakers Julie Pierce, Jen Venegas, Janelle Maguire

Julie Pierce – “Unconditional self-acceptance:  Your solid foundation for long-term health and wellness” Did you know that most of us are carrying around mind-twisting and heart-torturing conflict? This conflict creates a lot of struggle that we’re often not even aware of. It shows up in our bodies and in our lives in all sorts of crazy ways.

Jen Venegas – Rocking Feminist Fashion. How “Fatshion” community turned love of fashion into body love liberation.

Janelle Maguire — “The Healing Power of the Camera.” Janelle will be sharing about the healing power of the camera, and how it can help you accept, love and celebrate your physical appearance. She’ll also be sharing about how you can make friends with the camera even if it’s been a lifelong enemy.

Janelle-Quote-Picture #BBL2k15 Jen Venegas Julie Pierce. Your body is a messenger


“Bringing Women from All Over the Globe Together

in an Epic Online Event to End Body Image Issues and

Awaken Our Collective Female Power.”

With Michelle Hess + 35 Experts

February 14-28, 2015

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