Waking Up From My Bikemare

If you haven’t been following this dancer’s athletic challenges, you really should. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a great person!


Those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that getting a bike that I can ride for triathlons and, ultimately, my IM has been an ongoing bikemare. First a friend gifted me a mountain bike which I named Clyde that I soon had to get out of jail.  Then it turned out that the Mountain Bike didn’t fit me (to the tune of kicking myself in the stomach over 20,0000 times) My coach finally found a road bike that would work for me and my beautiful Jamis Ventura Race Femme was shipped from Austin.

Large box containing a bike at my front door Came home to my new bike at the door!

Then the real “fun” began.

I have short legs, short arms, a very long torso and a big stomach and, apparently, this makes being fit on the bike difficult.  I took my bike to a local bike shop to get…

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