The Land of the Beautiful and Body Image Triggers

SUP_paddleHI_hawaii_yoga-5446What are your triggers?

That is my question for this week to you all. I’m back in my home town, where I grew up and lived for 35 years. The beach is in my blood! I love it here. AND, I have lived away from all this for almost 6 years. I lived in the hippie pot growing boonies on the Mendocino coast for 5 of them.

People were very relaxed, natural and accepting. You didn’t see a lot of cosmetic surgery, and the place was definitely not focused on how one looked for their social acceptance and self esteem. The natural beauty of the redwoods meeting the sea seemed to imbue the culture there with respect for a more natural state of things. Most women didn’t wear make-up much. Of course, there was a fashion aesthetic and it was fun and funky! Anyhow, my point is that even at the beach, the pool or wherever you could just BE without worrying about being judged on your cellulite content!

Six years is enough time to really be able to see my hometown with even fresher eyes; to see what level of the frog-in-the-soon-to-be-boiling kettle is going on here in relation to what is considered beautiful and how people are valued. I can see how easy it would be to feel insecure if you didn’t fit in the land of the beautiful people which strives for physical perfection. Obviously, this is a generalization. Plenty of people of depth and significance live here that don’t focus on the superficial. But you CAN feel the vibe especially strong in certain places.

I’m noticing all this in the context of having gained some weight recently beyond my comfort zone (yes, fat people have comfort zones too!) due to hypothyroidism and peri-menopausal hormone craziness. I laugh at it actually because I am in a phase of working out regularly at the gym and I think it is so funny!

So, I’m not really triggered per se. But I am watching all this and thinking about it. I’m talking with my body a lot. Happily, I can report that I’m not reverting back to teenage insecurities even when I’m around them! Yay for growth. smile emoticon

What are your triggers in our society? Share below please!

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  1. Emily Harting
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 11:36:52

    For better or worse, my sisters. One who has never given me any grief about my body/shape/size – but gives herself a heckuvalot of grief about it and one who basically tortured me as a kid about my body/shape/size and who is a cross-fit junkie at this point, paleo diet, the whole 9 (more power to her). I am close to both of them at this point in our lives but I have to make an effort to not be triggered by them when we spend time in person. I also am triggered by pants shopping, which I know is tricky for many women – but between my waist to booty ratio AND my “Polish Peasant Calves” (as my friend calls hers, and I call mine…I am not Polish ;)) which are so strong and big it’s as if I could pull a plow myself, pants shopping is a literal nightmare and this is why the pants I buy disintegrate into utter tatters, and I still wear them.

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  2. Michelle Hess
    Jul 22, 2015 @ 12:20:17

    It’s so rough when it is the people closest to us that set us off into the crazy land of insecurity!

    Finding clothes to fit when things are made to fit only certain body types is so challenging. I’m a fan of pallazo (sp?) pants myself and lots of relaxed styles so I don’t have to conform! xo



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