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This happened in the summer and I didn’t post about it here (I did on FB!), so here is a short paragraph re-blogged from Curva. You can look up the full story. 🙂


Vlogger Em Ford aka My Pale Skin has released a new video showing the comments she had recieved on photos without any makeup on vs photos with makeup on.
The Internet can be a good place and a terrible place for body confidence and this is proof of the latter. It’s good to see people expose the way a keyboard can give people an armour to degrade and attack other people.
For me it shows the importance of Magazines like Curva to try and promote not only self confidence but people who have self confidence to build eachother up.
Well done Em! We all need to remember that people have more to offer than the what we see on the outside.
– Essie
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”One day you will be able to love yourself.” – Anneka’s body image journey


The gorgeous Anneka is 28 and from Nottingham.


So, I was bulimic.
I came from quite the broken family and, spent most of my school life receiving constant taunts from other kids pretty much from primary school age upwards.
“You’re too fat to play with us.”

“You’re a tramp.”

“It’s not normal to have belly rolls.”

  Man, I hated school.
So in my teens, I got ill. Just your standard, run of the mill bug that caused me to be sick quite a few times and it made me feel empty and, kinda thin. Hey presto, I was hooked.
For many years I continued to make that empty feeling happen. My Mum was skint and there I was, eating her out of house and home and throwing away all that precious food down the toilet. I got found out when my sister opened the loo one day and…

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