Weight Watchers Works. For Two Out of a Thousand. (And They Probably Weren’t Fat to Begin With)

Showing how ridiculous it all is. #nothankyouOprah

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One of the things you often hear – even among fat activists – is that 95% of weight loss attempts fail long-term. It sounds like an impressively discouraging number, but still, it leaves us with the idea that 5% of fat people are able to leave their corpulence behind and join the world of respectable, acceptable, normal-weight humanity. Or at least get somewhere in the vicinity.

We should be so lucky.  When weight loss failure numbers are presented (generally 80-95% failure) “success” doesn’t mean achieving “normal weight” – let alone permanently.  It means the ability to keep off some very modest amount that a given researcher (usually with a vested interest in the weight loss strategy) has arbitrarily defined as “weight loss success.” Typically 5-10% weight loss maintained anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

If that’s enough to make you thin, then I have news for you: you weren’t fat.

And studies that look…

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Diets Don’t Work, But…

In the spirit of stupid New Year’s Resolutions, here’s a reminder from the wonderful Kate Harding’s that just because you don’t use the word diet, doesn’t mean it isn’t one! Beware of diets in disguise. 💋

Shapely Prose

Brain: How are we going to get the earth to lose weight?
Pinky: I know! We can get everyone to go on a diet!
Brain: Diets don’t work, Pinky.
Pinky: Not even if you call them “a whole new way of eating”?
Brain: No.

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I Am Fat….And Yes, I Do Model a Healthy Lifestyle For My Kid

Power, Peace, and the Porch Gym

PREAMBLES AND DISCLAIMERS: If you read the title of this post and are thinking that I am  about to advocate judging others on the basis of their health status or whether they engage in healthy behaviors ….I want to make it clear that I am not. One’s health status and/or lifestyle does not make anyone morally superior or inferior to anyone else. To quote Ragen Chastain, “health is not an obligation, a barometer of worthiness, entirely within our control, or guaranteed under any circumstances.

Also, there are very few people who are role models in many areas of life at the same time. So even if someone is not modeling a healthy lifestyle by any one person’s definition, it is possible that they are kicking ass in another area of life. Maybe they work tirelessly to support their families or pursue their passions. Maybe they go above and…

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Because I Love My Body (aka In Defense of Corissa)

Amply Emmy

corissa_05-1080x720One of the fashion bloggers I enjoy following is Corissa of Fat Girl Flow. I love her style and “I’m fat and don’t give a fuck what anyone says about it” attitude.

Recently she posted a video where she stated “Do not look me in the eye, tell me you are on Weight Watchers and then, in the next breath, tell me that you are body positive”. This was addressed to bloggers and others who claim to be body positive yet have intentionally lost weight or are currently in the process.

What a brouhaha that started. People… mostly women… vehemently asserted that they indeed love their bodies and/or are body positive. Usually, though, those claims were followed by some version of “but I need to lose weight for my health”. Others praised Weight Watchers as a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

I consider myself body positive and completely…

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The Worst Thing You Can Say to a Woman, Brought To You By Fatphobia

Power, Peace, and the Porch Gym

The first time someone ever asked a friend of mine “when are you due?,” I was in college. My friend had a baby blue empire waist top in a soft flannelly fabric that she like to wear. She felt beautiful when she wore this top; however when she would sit down while wearing it, her belly was accentuated. One evening she wore this top and went out to dinner with her boyfriend. She came back devastated because the server had asked her when she was due.

My heart sank. This friend had a history of eating disorders, including a flare-up in the past year. When I heard that the server had asked when she was due, I felt so angry and scared for her that she was going to have another flare-up.

Over a decade later, when my son was about 2 years old, I had taken him to the…

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Wake up, it’s your turn to shine

BraveGirl Running...Life, Faith & Sport

This picture from a NASA study on wingtip vort...

There are those days when I just feel lost. I think, What am I doing? It’s usually in the middle of an overwhelm tornado and I need to find the eye of the calm in all that is pulling for my attention. You would think that it would get easier, but overall that doesn’t happen too much. Partly, it is because I am lost. I have lost my routine that keeps me on track (and that’s saying a lot for a personality that abhors routine!). My healthy daily habits got disrupted for too long and I have completely wandered off the trail. I am lost.

This happens to you also. I know it does. Mabe not as often as for me, but life interrupts your flow too, I know it. Those big changes like moving, new jobs, extensive travel, over work, illness, injury, stresses and challenges beyond your control. Yeah…

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Let’s start a positive conversation…

BeKindToYourselfSo accustomed are we to talking about ourselves with a razor-sharp tongue that we forget to spare a kind word every now and again. When we speak negatively about ourselves we are only perpetuating an already toxic culture and advocating the negative sense of self that so many of us have come to learn. Do we not have enough unfavourable body conversation thrown at us by the media, by advertisements, by social media popularity, by trolls and bullies? Why do we feel the need to continue with the barrage of insults when in the privacy of our own minds? This bombardment that we receive every day is enough to make even the most confident of people have a crisis of self-esteem: if the media isn’t commenting on our bodies, then it is focusing on our hair, our faces, our gender and sexuality, our eating and exercising habits. So how is…

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My Pale Skin

This happened in the summer and I didn’t post about it here (I did on FB!), so here is a short paragraph re-blogged from Curva. You can look up the full story. 🙂


Vlogger Em Ford aka My Pale Skin has released a new video showing the comments she had recieved on photos without any makeup on vs photos with makeup on.
The Internet can be a good place and a terrible place for body confidence and this is proof of the latter. It’s good to see people expose the way a keyboard can give people an armour to degrade and attack other people.
For me it shows the importance of Magazines like Curva to try and promote not only self confidence but people who have self confidence to build eachother up.
Well done Em! We all need to remember that people have more to offer than the what we see on the outside.
– Essie
@essie_dennis Instagram

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”One day you will be able to love yourself.” – Anneka’s body image journey


The gorgeous Anneka is 28 and from Nottingham.


So, I was bulimic.
I came from quite the broken family and, spent most of my school life receiving constant taunts from other kids pretty much from primary school age upwards.
“You’re too fat to play with us.”

“You’re a tramp.”

“It’s not normal to have belly rolls.”

  Man, I hated school.
So in my teens, I got ill. Just your standard, run of the mill bug that caused me to be sick quite a few times and it made me feel empty and, kinda thin. Hey presto, I was hooked.
For many years I continued to make that empty feeling happen. My Mum was skint and there I was, eating her out of house and home and throwing away all that precious food down the toilet. I got found out when my sister opened the loo one day and…

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